Impersonal constructions

Verbs without a nominative subjects are referred to as impersonal verbs in Icelandic. These are of two types, verbs with oblique subjects, and verbs without a subject or with the dummy subject það. The dummy subject hann is used of the weather, but such constructions are not included in the DMII data. The form of the verb is always 3rd person singular.

Oblique subjects:
Accusative subject: mig langar, mig grunar, mig kelur
Dative subject: mér finnst, mér þykir, mér sýnist
Genitive subject: Straums gætir þar í hverju sundi.
  The genitive subject is extremely rare.
Dummy subject, null subject:
það (dummy): það rignir; það snjóar; það hvín í þakinu
hann (dummy): hann rignir og rignir; hann er farinn að hlána
Null subject: Nú rignir gríðarlega.

The tag for impersonal constructions begins with the abbreviation OP, preceding the abbreviation for voice, active or mediopassive (GM/MM). The case of the subject is not a part of the tag as yet. The online paradigms show the case of the subject.

farnast;OP-MM-FH-NT-3P-ET impersonal, mediopassive, indicative, present tense. 3rd


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