Finite verbs

The inflectional features of finite verbs are voice, mood, tense, person and number. There are 48 different tags, excluding variants and the unique optative of the verb vera ‘be’.

Voice: active GM germynd
  mediopassive MM miðmynd
Mood: indicative FH framsöguháttur
  subjunctive VH viðtengingarháttur
Tense: present NT nútíð
  past ÞT þátíð
Person: 1st person 1P 1. persóna
  2nd person 2P 2. persóna
  3rd person 3P 3. persóna
Number: singular ET eintala
  plural FT fleirtala
labbar;GM-FH-NT-2P-ET active, indicative, present tense, 2nd of labba ‘walk’, ‘amble’
löbbuðum;GM-VH-ÞT-1P-FT active, subjunctive, past tense, 1st of labba
kemst;MM-FH-NT-2P-ET mediopassive, indicative, present tense, 2nd of koma ‘come’
kæmist;MM-VH-ÞT-3P-ET mediopassived, subjunctive, past tense, 3rd of koma  


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