The past participle

The inflectional features for the past participle are gender, number, case and definiteness, usually referred to in Icelandic as ‘strong’ (i.e. indefinite) and ‘weak’ (i.e. definite) inflection. The total number of tags is 48, excluding variants. 

Gender: masculine KK
  feminine KVK
  neuter HK
Case & number: nominative singular NFET
  accusative singular ÞFET
  dative singular ÞGFET
  genitive singular EFET
  nominative plural NFFT
  accusative plural ÞFFT
  dative plural ÞGFFT
  genitive plural EFFT
Definiteness: indefinite (‘strong’) SB
  definite (‘weak’) VB
Examples: ganga ‘walk’
genginn;LHÞT-SB-KK-NFET PP, indefinite,
gengnum;LHÞT-SB-KK-ÞGFET PP, indefinite,
genginnar;LHÞT-SB-KVK-EFET PP, indefinite,
gengnu;LHÞT-VB-HK-NFFT PP, definite,

Click here for an explanation of the difference between the past participle and the supine.


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