The numerals einn ‘one’, tveir ‘two’, þrír ‘three’, fjórir ‘four’ inflect for gender, number and case in Icelandic. The other cardinal numbers are not inflected, with the exception of hundrað ‘hundred’, which is also a noun.

Gender: HK (neuter), KK (masculine), KVK (feminine)
Number: ET (singular), FT (plural)
Case: NF (nominative), ÞF (accusative), ÞGF (dative), EF (genitive)
einn;to_KK_NFET numeral, masculine, nominative singular einn ‘one’
tveimur;to_KK_ÞGFFT numeral, masculine, dative plural tveir ‘two’
tvær;to_KVK_ÞFFT numeral, feminine, accusative plural tveir ‘two’
þrjú;to_HK_NFFT numeral, neuter, nominative plural þrír ‘three’

There are 24 tags for numerals. The inflectional pattern of ordinals is the same of that of indefinite adjectives, and the ordinals are treated as a subcategory of adjectives.

The data for the inflected numerals is here.


KB 1.10.2013