The definite article

The inflectional features of the definite article are gender, number and case.
Note: This section is on the free article. The suffixed article is much more common; see the page on nouns.

Gender: Neuter (HK), masculine (KK), feminine (KVK)
Case: Nominative (NF), accusative (ÞF), dative (ÞGF), genitive (EF)
Number: Singular (ET), plural (FT)


hinn;gr_kk_NFET definite article,
hins;gr_kk_EFET definite article,
hinar;gr_kvk_NFFT definite article,
hið;gr_hk_ÞFET definite article,


The Icelandic abbreviation for the definite article is gr. It is included in the tag for the word class (unlike most other word classes). The total number of tags for this word class is 24.

The data for the definite article is here.


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