The inflectional features of adjectives are gender, number, case, degree and definitenes, usually referred to in Icelandic as ‘strong’ (i.e. indefinite) and ‘weak’ (i.e. defininte) inflection. The total number of tags for this word class is 120, excluding variants.

Degree & definiteness: positive, indefinite FSB frumstig, sterk beyging
  positive, definite FVB frumstig, veik beyging
  comparative (definite only) MST miðstig
  superlative, indefinite ESB efsta stig, sterk beyging
  superlative, definite EVB efsta stig, veik beyging
Gender: masculine KK karlkyn
  feminine KVK kvenkyn
  neuter HK hvorugkyn
Case & number: nominative singular NFET nefnifall eintölu
  accusative singular ÞFET þolfall eintölu
  dative singular ÞGFET þágufall eintölu
  genitive singular EFET eignarfall eintölu
  nominative plural NFFT nefnifall fleirtölu
  accusative plural ÞFFT þolfall fleirtölu
  dative plural ÞGFFT þágufall fleirtölu
  genitive plural EFFT eignarfall fleirtölu
Examples: góður ‘good’
góður;FSB-KK-NFET positive degree, indefinite,
góði;FVB-KK-NFET positive degree, definite,
góðan;FSB-KK-ÞFET positive degree, indefinite,
góðu;FVB-KVK-EFET positive degree, definite,
betri;MST-KK-ÞGFFT comparative, (def.)
best;ESB-HK-ÞFFT superlative, indefinite,

Ordinals are a subcategory of adjectives.


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