The sections of the DMII

Common vocabulary    
  Common language alm almennt mál
  Festivities and occastions við viðburðir
Named entities:    
  Personal names ism íslensk mannanöfn
  Patronyms föð föðurnöfn
  Matronyms móð móðurnöfn
  Names of animals dyr dýranöfn
  Place names örn örnefni
  Names of countries and districts lönd landaheiti
  Street names, towns and farms göt götuheiti
  Names of institutions and companies fyr fyrirtækja- og stofnanaheiti
Specialized vocabulary:    
  The Bible bibl Biblían
  Computer terms tölv tölvur
  Linguistics terms málfr málfræði

köttur;416784;kk;alm;kattarins;EFETgr; (‘cat’ common language)
Jón;354379;kk;ism;Jóns;EFET; (‘Jón’ personal name, masc.)

Please note: Some words do not have an abbreviation for ‘section of DMII’. This is the case for 46 very irregular words which were inserted into the database by hand. All of them should be marked ‘alm’, for common language.


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